About Us


Lush Skin is an established business located on the Gold Coast, Australia. Our team originally created this store because we have a passion for beauty and wanted to build a brand around something we could be truly proud of. Everyone wants to have that luscious skin and look beautiful and feel amazing! so we wanted to sell high quality skincare products that did exactly that. At lush we utilize clinical grade technology that has been adapted for safe and effective use for the skin, as all of our products are easy to use from the comfort of your own home and will definitely put a smile on your face. Our aim is to provide everyone with affordable beauty products to personalize and create their little den to make themselves feel more beautiful. We always keep an eye on the latest beauty trends and put our customers first.  We have had thousands of happy customers and can provide proven results and reviews! 



One of the most important things to us is that our customers receive the best quality treatment possible. There is no reason why a home treatment can't be as effective or even better than a treatment performed in a salon. The added bonus that you can perform the treatment as many times and as frequent as you'd like will give you even better results than if you went to the salon a couple of times a year.



At Lush Skin we are well aware that running an online store that ships a lot of products all over the world is not the best thing for the environment. We have therefore committed to the goal that all of our facilities and warehouses around the world will be running on 100% renewable energy by the year 2025. We feel that this is an achievable goal and we are already doing our best to avoid unnecessary shipping which is why we have dispersed our products amongst a series of warehouses around the world. All in order to make deliveries faster and shorter and thus having a smaller climate footprint.


Thank you!

For coming on this ride with us and for supporting us this far. This is only the beginning!